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Highlights & Specials

Author's Day - Oct 20th, Noon - 3 PM

At the Eureka Main Library 1313 Third St, Eureka

In celebration of The Great American Read, join PBS North Coast on the 2nd Floor of the Eureka Library for Author's Day! Hear writers and book-lovers discuss the joys of reading and writing, while gaining insights into the literary craft from area practitioners. Come and discover how they build both the characters and plots necessary to captivate readers and spin tales. We'll have door prize including book bags, t-shirts, and gift certificates, plus snacks from Teri’s Custom Catering. And don't forget to visit the Friends of the Redwood Libraries’ book sale on the first floor!

PBS North Coast Nights Auction

October 29th - November 3rd

Join us for six exciting nights of live auction plus our new online auction!

Shakespeare Uncovered - Julius Caesar with Brian Cox

Friday, October 19th at 10:00 PM

Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is a play that upholds liberty against tyranny. But what is tyranny? And who decides? Shakespeare doesn’t make it simple. In order to preserve the freedom of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, an “over-mighty” leader, is assassinated by Roman Senators led by Caesar’s friend Brutus. Caesar wanted to become an emperor. Is Brutus a traitor or a great hero and defender of liberty? Brian Cox explores how “Julius Caesar,” for many years, was seen to represent the American experience: the birth of a Republic. The play explores how easy it is for a free republic to fall into corruption. More than that, the play challenges us to think about who or what to trust and what values we want to live by — and to look inside and wonder how well we even know ourselves.

Austin City Limits - Sam Smith / Anderson East

Saturday, October 20th at 9 PM

Relish an hour of blue-eyed soul with worldwide superstar Sam Smith and emerging singer-songwriter Anderson East. UK native Smith sings mega-hits and tunes from his sophomore album The Thrill of It All. Alabama soul/R&B singer East romps through songs from his acclaimed LP Encore.

Woman in White - Episode 101

Sunday, October 21st at 10 PM

Combining, romance, intrigue, and danger, Wilkie Collins’ beloved mystery novel has taken generations of readers on a thrilling ride along the corridors of English country houses, and down into the dankest, deepest corners of the Victorian madhouse. This bold new adaptation by Fiona Seres retains the creeping atmosphere that has captured the imaginations of the book’s readers for over a century, while bringing a distinctly modern take to its striking female characters, its charismatic, formidable villains, and its gripping, labyrinthine plot. When Walter Hartright, a young drawing master, encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on a moonlit road on Hampstead Heath, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever. Offering his assistance to this distressed, spectral woman, he is later shocked to discover that she had just escaped from a nearby insane asylum.

Chef's Life: The Final Harvest

Monday, October 22nd at 9 PM

Join chef Vivian Howard after the harvest season as she hosts a special harvest feast for the show's most beloved personalities to gather for one last batch of quintessential Southern ingredients.


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