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Independent Lens - The Last Laugh

Monday, April 24th at 10 PM

The Holocaust would seem to be an absolutely off-limits topic for comedy. But is it? History shows that even victims of Nazi concentration camps used humor as a means of survival and resistance. Still, any use of comedy in connection with this horror risks diminishing the suffering of millions. So where is the line? If the Holocaust is taboo, what are the implications for other controversial subjects — 9/11, AIDS, racism — in a society that prizes freedom of speech? The Last Laugh offers fresh insights into these questions, with an intimate portrayal of Auschwitz survivor Renee Firestone alongside interviews with influential comedians and thinkers ranging from Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross (Comedy Central Roast Battle), Larry Charles (director of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Borat), and Gilbert Gottfried, to authors Etgar Keret and Shalom Auslander, plus Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League.

Frontline: Fish On My Plate

Tuesday, April 25th at 10:30 PM

Journalist and author Paul Greenberg (Four Fish; American Catch) spends a year eating only fish. From farmed fish in Norway to the biggest wild fishery in the world off Peru, he travels to investigate the health of the ocean - as well as his own.

Might T - Tuolumne River

Wednesday, April 26th at 7:30 PM

Explore one of northern California’s most dramatic and important wild rivers! Outdoor expert Tom Stienstra follows the Tuolumne River from the melting Lyell Glacier atop Yosemite’s high country to the Golden Gate Bridge. Meet scientists confronting saltwater intrusion into the Delta estuary, which threatens the survival of a wildlife paradise that requires freshwater.

Nature - Forest of the Lynx

Wednesday, April 26th at 8 PM

Forests are far more complex than previously imagined. The documentary, filmed in 4K, travels deep into the remote forests of the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria - the largest area of wilderness in the Alps. Abandoned and unmanaged by man for close to a quarter of a century, the forest's dramatic cycle of growth and decay now rules the landscape. What appears at first to be devastation and destruction is in fact part of the fundamental process of the forest's regeneration and transformation back to its natural, primeval state.

Wild Weather

Wednesday, April 26th at 10 PM

Nature takes simple ingredients like wind, water and temperature and transforms them into something spectacular and powerful. "Wild Weather" reveals exactly how it does it. The only way to truly understand the weather is to get inside it. This program features scientists from around the globe who are creating their own weather in an attempt to examine the secret processes at work. Scientists like Dr. Nigel Tapper of Monash University, Australia tries to create his own massive dust storm so he can examine the microscopic moments when dust particles begin to bounce high into the stratosphere. Engineers Jim Stratton and Craig Zehrung from Purdue University, USA use a high powered "vacuum cannon" to fire homemade hailstones at over 500 mph. It sounds like fun, but their work has a serious purpose: to discover whether hail is actually stronger than ordinary ice.

Sherlock - A Scandel in Belgravia on Masterpiece

Thursday, April 27th at 9 PM

How Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, The Last Enemy, War Horse, The Hobbit) manages to survive snipers, explosives, and a poolside face-off with his insane arch-nemesis Moriarty — or end up in Buckingham Palace’s inner chambers, clad only in a sheet — are just the initial tantalizing questions answered when Sherlock returns with its gripping second season opener, A Scandal in Belgravia. The central enigma concerns Irene Adler (Lara Pulver, True Blood), a beautiful entrepreneur whose special relationship with the rich, powerful and royal has allowed her to amass coveted information powerful enough to topple the government. A worthy match for the aloof detective, Adler masterfully maneuvers her many assets in a game that Sherlock is ill-prepared to fight: love. Two brilliant minds lock together, producing a heat that brings a blush to John’s cheek and a potential change to a celibate, cerebral detective. But who will come out on top?

Latin Music USA - The Salsa Revolution

Friday, April 28th at 9 PM

Chart the rise of Latin jazz, the mambo and the cha-cha, and the reinvention of the son cubano and the plena to create salsa, a defining rhythm for Latinos the world over.

National Parks - The Last Refuge

Saturday, April 29th at 4:30 PM

By the end of the 19th century, widespread industrialization has left many Americans worried about whether the country – once a vast wilderness – will have any pristine land left. At the same time, poachers in the parks are rampant, and visitors think nothing of littering or carving their names near iconic sites like Old Faithful. Congress has yet to establish clear judicial authority or appropriations for the protection of the parks. This sparks a conservation movement by organizations such as the Sierra Club, led by John Muir; the Audubon Society, led by George Bird Grinnell; and the Boone and Crockett Club, led by Theodore Roosevelt. The movement fails, however, to stop San Francisco from building the Hetch Hetchy dam at Yosemite, flooding Muir's "mountain temple" and leaving him broken-hearted before he dies.

Call the Midwife - Season 6, Episode 5

Sunday, April 30th at 8 PM

Nonnatus House welcomes a new recruit, Nurse Valerie Dyer. A vulnerable young man captures the hearts of the Fred and Violet whilst the whereabouts of Sister Mary Cynthia causes distress amongst the team.

Home Fires - Season 2, Episode 5 on Masterpiece

Sunday, April 30th at 9 PM

It’s harvest time, but time is running out to meet the quota required, and Steph risks losing the farm. Sarah finds herself in a dangerous situation, whilst Teresa has a big decision to make. Alison discovers the real reason behind the parachute accidents – but can she warn Frances before it’s too late?

Antiques Roadshows - Virginia Beach, Hour Two

Monday, May 1st at 8 PM

Join ROADSHOW to visit Virginia Beach. Featured finds include a 1964 Cassius Clay twice-signed promotional print, modern Abdullah Qandeel "Red" and "Love" oils, and an early 18th-century Chinese celadon vase.Which is valued at $50,000-$80,000?

Victorian Slum House - Episode 1

Tuesday, May 2nd at 8 PM

Follow participants as they move into an 1860s tenement made up of sparse rooms, a shared water pump and outdoor privies. They seek to make a living by matchbox making, wood turning and the rag trade, work once done by their impoverished forebears.

Plants Behaving Badly

Wednesday, May 3rd at 10 PM

Episode 1: Sex and Lies -- Darwin’s book "On the Origin of Species" shook the scientific world and far beyond. Yet it was his next book, devoted entirely to orchids, which filled in gaps and firmed up his revolutionary ideas. Orchids have an ethereal beauty, whether growing hundreds of feet up in a misty rainforest or along the verges of busy suburban roads. But their exotic flowers are shaped for just one purpose: to draw in pollinators.

Sherlock - Hounds of Baskerville on Masterpiece

Thursday, May 4th at 9 PM

Boredom has set in at 221 Baker Street, with Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, The Last Enemy, War Horse, The Hobbit) jonesing for a meaty case and — in its absence — a cigarette. Only the arrival of Henry Knight (Russell Tovey, Little Dorrit), terrorized and desperately clinging to sanity, piques the consulting detective’s interest. A gigantic hound — part tourist attraction, part conspiracy theory, part demonic moor stalker — is legend around Baskerville, a top-secret military compound where, it’s rumored, chemical and biological weapons experiments are conducted on genetically engineered animals. And Henry Knight has just seen the hound’s footprints in the very location where it killed his father decades before. Sherlock gleefully sets off to track the demonic hound with John (Martin Freeman, The Office UK, The Hobbit) at his side and Mycroft’s access-granting government ID on hand to enter the high-security corridors of Baskerville.

Latin Music USA - Chicano Wave/Divas

Friday, May 5th at 9 PM

Mexican-Americans have always been part of the USA, and their music tells a unique story.

National Parks - Empire of Grandeur (1915-1919)

Saturday, May 6th at 5 PM

By the end of the 19th century, widespread industrialization has left many Americans worried about whether the country – once a vast wilderness – will have any pristine land left. At the same time, poachers in the parks are rampant, and visitors think nothing of littering or carving their names near iconic sites like Old Faithful. Congress has yet to establish clear judicial authority or appropriations for the protection of the parks. This sparks a conservation movement by organizations such as the Sierra Club, led by John Muir; the Audubon Society, led by George Bird Grinnell; and the Boone and Crockett Club, led by Theodore Roosevelt. The movement fails, however, to stop San Francisco from building the Hetch Hetchy dam at Yosemite, flooding Muir's "mountain temple" and leaving him broken-hearted before he dies.

Call the Midwife - Season 6, Episode 6

Sunday, May 7th at 8 PM

Nonnatus house faces the changes of 1962. As they strive to help mothers and families cope with the demands of childbearing, disability, disease and social prejudice, the Poplar medics must make choices – and fight battles – of their own.

Antiques Roadshows - Virginia Beach, Hour Three

Monday, May 8th at 8 PM

Discover Virginia Beach's hidden treasures, such as a 1554 Giorgio Ghisi engraving after Bronzino, a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, ca. 1890, and a 1962 Mercury Capsule antenna. Can you guess which is the top find of the hour?

Victorian Slum House - Episode 2

Tuesday, May 9th at 8 PM

Witness a dire economic depression heightened by the arrival of Irish migrants seeking work. Daily, the slum dwellers toil to fulfil clothing orders and make artificial flowers for factories. Some won't be able to settle their debts.

Nature - Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, Part 2

Wednesday, May 10th at 8 PM

The Spy Creatures continue to reveal the world of dolphins as never before, their mysteries of communication and strategies. Go undercover to meet the Orca, the largest dolphins, and race the Dall's porpoises, the fastest dolphins in the world.

Plants Behaving Badly - Episode 2

Wednesday, May 10th at 10 PM

Episode 2: Murder and Mayhem -- Charles Darwin was fascinated by the extraordinary behavior of carnivorous plants, and we now know that he barely knew the half of it. Recently scientists have shown that many more plants are carnivorous than we ever thought. Welcome to the world of killer tomatoes and murderous potatoes. But even the more obvious carnivorous plants — sundews, flytraps and pitchers — are revealing new behavior. Carnivorous plants have featured in many sci-fi films over the years, but the reality turns out to be far stranger than the fiction.

Doc Martin - Episode 701 - Rescue Me

Thursday, May 11th at 8 PM

We start back in Portwenn with Martin, but Louisa is not there. After their tumultuous time last series, Louisa has gone for a break to visit her mother in Spain: to have some time to think and get some perspective on their relationship. Martin is faced with the questions:will Louisa come back to him; and what can he do to make sure that she does? Martin knows that he needs to try and change for the sake of his marriage, and promised Louisa that he would see a therapist to try and effect this change. Aunt Ruth manages to find him someone very well qualified to see Dr. Rachel Timoney. However, life in Portwenn transpires to get in Martin's way, in the shape of Steve Baker, and the Lifeboat training exercise. Martin is not the only person inconvenienced Steve and his assistant Barry are meant to be helping Al get his Bed and Breakfast ready in time for his first guests arriving, but Steve is never there and half the walls still haven't been plastered.

Sherlock - Reichenback Fall on Masterpiece

Thursday, May 11th at 9 PM

While Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, The Last Enemy, War Horse, The Hobbit) accrues unwanted accolades and press in gratitude for his mystery-solving prowess and John pointlessly counsels humility, the insane criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott, Lennon Naked) is busy plotting the crime of the century. But bringing Britain to its knees is just a prelude for Sherlock’s arch-nemesis, who orchestrates a perilous cat-and-mouse game with the object of his obsession. In a season finale both mind-blowing and gut-wrenching, the consulting detective and consulting criminal engage in an escalating series of high-stakes face-offs which begin in the courtroom and end in the solution of a diabolical and inescapable “final problem.” Co-created by Doctor Who producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, The Reichenbach Fall stars Martin Freeman (The Office UK, The Hobbit) and Rupert Graves (The Forsyte Saga)

Bill Murray: The Mark Twain Prize

Friday, May 12th at 9 PM

A lineup of leading performers, including Aziz Ansari, Roy Blount Jr., Jane Curtin, Rhiannon Giddens, Bill Hader, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Brian Doyle Murray, Paul Shaffer, Emma Stone, Sigourney Weaver, and others saluted Bill Murray at the 19th Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Bill Murray: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize is a production of WETA Washington, D.C.; CoMedia; Mark Krantz Productions; Cappy Productions and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Executive producers are Dalton Delan, Deborah Rutter, Peter Kaminsky, Cappy McGarr, Mark Krantz and Bob Kaminsky.

National Parks - Going Home (1920-1933)

Saturday, May 13th at 5 PM

While visiting the parks was once predominantly the domain of Americans wealthy enough to afford the high-priced train tours, the advent of the automobile allows more people than ever before to visit the parks. Mather embraces this opportunity and works to build more roads in the parks. Some park enthusiasts, such as Margaret and Edward Gehrke of Nebraska, begin "collecting" parks, making a point to visit as many as they can. In North Carolina, Horace Kephart, a reclusive writer, and George Masa, a Japanese immigrant, launch a campaign to protect the last strands of virgin forest in the Smoky Mountains by establishing it as a park. In Wyoming, John D. Rockefeller Jr. begins quietly buying up land in the Teton Mountain Range and valley in a secret plan to donate it to the government as a park.

King Charles III on Masterpiece

Sunday, May 14th at 9 PM

King Charles III, adapted by Mike Bartlett from his Tony-nominated stage play, is part political thriller, part family drama and a timely examination of contemporary Britain. Prince Charles has waited his entire life to ascend to the British throne. But after the Queen’s death, he immediately finds himself wrestling his conscience over a bill to sign into law. With the future of the monarchy under threat, protests on the streets, and his family in disarray, Charles must grapple with his own identity and purpose, to decide whether, in the twenty-first century, the British crown still has any real power. This adaptation retains the daring verse of the original text while fully realizing on screen the ambitious scale and spectacle suggested by the play – from Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to the restless streets of London. Tim Pigott-Smith (Downton Abbey, The Hour) reprises the role of Charles from the acclaimed West End and Broadway production.

Antiques Roadshows - Orlando, Hour One

Monday, May 15th at 8 PM

Travel to sunny Orlando for fantastic finds like Joe Strummer's boots,ca. 1979, Ned Hanlon championship pins and cufflinks, ca. 1895, and a 1941 Grant Wood "March" lithograph. Learn which is appraised for $ 200,000!

Free to Rock

Tuesday, May 16th at 9 PM

Ten years in the making, FREE TO ROCK explores how American rock and roll contributed to the end of the Cold War. In the eyes of the Soviet Ministry of Culture, western rock music combined the twin evils of spreading the English language and encouraging illicit free enterprise. It was prohibited by the Soviet and Eastern Block authorities and deemed as propaganda. However, the "soft power" of American rock music was pumped into Eastern Europe and the USSR by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. This forbidden music inspired thousands of underground rock bands and tens of millions of their passionate supporters. Their enthusiasm for rock and roll became a youth movement that openly defied the Communist government. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, the film features interviews with former President Jimmy Carter; Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the USSR; musicians Billy Joel and Mike Love; Robert Santelli, Executive Director of the Grammy Museum and others.

Food -- Delicious Science -- Food for the Brain

Wednesday, May 17th at 10 PM

Find out from Michael Mosley and James Wong the power food has to create cravings in our brains.

Churchill's Secret on Masterpiece

Thursday, May 18th at 9 PM

Michael Gambon (Harry Potter, The Casual Vacancy) plays the greatest statesman of the twentieth century in his most difficult hour: a debilitating stroke which he seeks to hide from the world. Based on a true incident in the life of Winston Churchill and directed by three-time Emmy nominee Charles Sturridge (Shackleton, Brideshead Revisited), Churchill's Secret co-stars Romola Garai (The Hour), Lindsay Duncan (Sherlock), Bill Paterson (Little Dorrit), Matthew Macfadyen (Any Human Heart), Tara Fitzgerald (Jane Eyre), Rachel Stirking (The Bletchley Circle), Daisy Lewis (Downton Abbey), Alex Jennings (Silk), and a host of other brilliant actors.

James Beard: American Masters

Friday, May 19th at 9 PM

James Andrew Beard was born on May 5, 1903 in Portland, Oregon, to Elizabeth and John Beard. His mother, an independent English woman passionate about food, ran a boarding house. His father worked at Portland’s Customs House. The family spent summers at the beach at Gearhart, Oregon. There, they fished, gathered shellfish and wild berries, and cooked meals with whatever was caught. After a brief stint at Reed College in Portland, in 1923 Beard went on the road with a theatrical troupe. He lived abroad for several years studying voice and theater, but returned to the United States for good in 1927. Although he kept trying to break into the theater and movies, by 1935 he needed to supplement what was a very non-lucrative career and began a catering business. With the opening of a small food shop called Hors d’Oeuvre, Inc., in 1937, Beard finally realized that his future lay in the world of food and cooking.

Austin City Limits - Tedeschi Trucks Band

Saturday, May20th at 9 PM

The Grammy Award-winning group featuring Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and an ensemble of musicians showcases their latest record, Let Me Get By.

Dark Angel on Masterpiece

Sunday, May 21st at 9 PM

Born in North East England in 1832, a child of the coal fields, Mary Ann Cotton grew up in poverty with the dream of escaping the hard life of a miner's family, a goal she came tantalizingly close to achieving. Her chosen means were her good looks, sexual allure, and the dirty secret of nineteenth-century suspicious deaths: arsenic, which is tasteless and easily disguised in a cup of tea. For authorities, the problem was that arsenic poisoning, if done skillfully, mimicked the symptoms of two of the major public health scourges of the day; typhoid fever and cholera. The passing of a child or husband after a week of severe stomach pains, convulsions, and other portents of disease was all too common -- and even less surprising when several members of the same household succumbed.

Food -- Delicious Science -- A Matter of Taste

Wednesday, May 24th at 10 PM

Learn from Michael Mosley and James Wong about the chemistry that makes our food taste delicious.

Jacques Pepin: American Masters

Friday, May 26th at 9 PM

Discover the story of Chef Jacques Pepin, a young immigrant with movie-star looks and a charming Gallic accent, who elevated essential kitchen techniques to an art form to become one of America's most beloved food icons.

Austin City Limits - Iggy Pop

Saturday, May 27th at 9 PM

A thrilling hour with rock & roll legend Iggy Pop in his first-ever ACL appearance. The Detroit native blasts through classics and cuts from his latest album Post Pop Depression, accompanied by members of Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys.

National Memorial Day Concert 2017

Sunday, May 28th at 8 PM

The National Memorial Day Concert features uplifting musical performances, documentary footage and dramatic readings that honor the military service of all our men and women in uniform, their families at home and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. One of PBS’ highest-rated programs, the multi-award-winning television event has become an American tradition, featuring a star-studded lineup performing in tribute to all Americans who have sacrificed for our country. The concert’s mission is to unite the country in remembrance and appreciation of the fallen and to serve those who are grieving.

Independent Lens - Farmer/Veteran

Monday, May 29th at 10 PM

Home from three combat tours in Iraq, Alex Sutton forges a new identity as a farmer, hatching chicks and raising goats on 43 acres in rural North Carolina. He dives into life on the farm with his new love Jessica, but cannot shake the lingering traumas of war. The stories he tells about his battlefield experiences seem unmoored from reality as he oscillates between states of heightened awareness and “feeling zombified” from a cocktail of prescriptions meant to keep him stable. For the viewer, as for Alex, what to believe about his past is uncertain. The farm becomes a terrain to unearth what is buried, what it really means to be “the perfect soldier," and where to go from here.

Food -- Delicious Science -- We Are What We Eat

Wednesday, May 31st at 10 PM

Learn from Michael Mosley and James Wong how the hidden chemistry in our food keeps us alive.