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Dear PBS North Coast Viewer, 2016 has ended and PBS North Coast could be facing the end as well. I know you have heard this before but I must share with you the most serious threat PBS North Coast has ever faced. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has mandated that PBS North Coast must raise $800,000 annually in our local market; nothing new here. This is the same amount that stations in much larger markets such as San Francisco and New York must raise to qualify for our annual grant funds. Here’s the new part - in April, CPB implemented a new policy that mandates that PBS North Coast must raise a three year average of $800,000. If we fail to raise this average for three years in a row, we will lose our federal support. That would mean PBS North Coast would have to cease operations...


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Great Performances: New York City Ballet Symphony in C

Friday, February 24th at 9 PM

New York City Ballet makes a triumphant return to Paris with a grand classical showpiece by George Balanchine, Georges Bizet’s Symphony in C, which sparkles with over 50 dancers covered in Swarovski crystals. Next, the polished simplicity and emotional interplay of the rarely-seen Sonatine to the music of Maurice Ravel evokes the elegance of the original French NYCB dancers for whom Balanchine originally created the work.

Il Volo: Live from Pompeii (Pledge)

Saturday, February 25 at 10 PM

Soar with the perfect harmony of the charming trio as they pay homage to their home country. The young tenors perform classic Italian favorites and original songs in this new concert special filmed in the spectacular ancient ruins of Pompeii.

B. B. King: American Masters

Sunday, February 26th at 9:30 PM

B.B. King, born Riley B. King, was one of the most influential and celebrated blues musicians of all time. From his roots as a sharecropper’s son, working in the cotton fields of Mississippi, he rose to become a living legend — the most renowned blues singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer of the past 40 years — earning the moniker “King of the Blues.” King’s story of struggle and triumph is chronicled in American Masters: B.B. King: The Life of Riley, premiering nationwide during Black History. Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman narrates and appears in the film.

Africa's Great Civilizations

Monday, February 27th at 9 PM

In his six-hour series, AFRICA’S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes a look at the history of Africa, from the birth of humankind to the dawn of the 20th century. This is a breathtaking and personal journey through two hundred thousand years of history, from the origins, on the African continent, of art, writing and civilization itself, through the millennia in which Africa and Africans shaped not only their own rich civilizations, but also the wider world.

Nature -- Spy in the Wild - Meet the Spies

Wednesday, March 1 at 8 PM

The final episode explains how the concept of the Spy Creatures evolved at John Downer Productions from the original Bouldercam to the Penguincams that inspired the next-generation “spycams” featured in this series. It shows the painstaking work that goes into building the lifelike models and how the team deploys and operates the robotic cameras on location all over the world. It contains funny and unexpected moments, much of which is experienced from the viewpoint of the “spycams” themselves.

Northanger Abbey

Thursday, March 2nd at 9 PM

Catherine Morland, the daughter of a rural clergyman, is taken to Bath for the season by family friends Mr. and Mrs. Allen. Here she makes the acquaintance of the Thorpe family including Isabella, who becomes engaged to Catherine’s brother James, and her brother John who declares his romantic interest in Catherine. However, Catherine’s head is turned by Henry Tilney (son of the intimidating Gen. Tilney) and has the good fortune to gain the general’s approval, which is founded upon the exaggerated report of her family’s wealth, given to him by the foolish, young John Thorpe.

Bee Gees: One Night Only

Friday, March 3rd at 9 PM

The Bee Gees are one of the best-selling music groups of all time, with hits spanning multiple decades and genres of music. With just one surviving member of the band left, Barry Gibb, fans can only relive the magic of this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-group through the rich catalog of music they have left behind. The American Public Television-distributed program THE BEE GEES: ONE NIGHT ONLY, filmed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 14, 1997 is a spell-binding journey through some of the best disco and pop hits of all time.